Gothenburg City Guide

Gothenburg is Sweden’s lively west coast gem and second largest city. With its blend of historic charm, modern innovation, and vibrant culture, the “most sustainable city in the world” located … Read more

Philadelphia City Guide

Philadelphia, or better yet, “Philly,” is a true East Coast city, in part feeling and looking like a mixture of Baltimore, Boston, and Washington D.C. But it has its own … Read more

Istanbul City Guide

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Barcelona City Guide

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London City Guide

Given London’s vast size, it’s worth splitting a city guide on where to run, cycle and swim into separate sections according to their North, South, East and West orientations. Bearing … Read more

Oslo City Guide

Though smaller than many European capital cities, Oslo manages to provide fantastic city life and a home for metropolitan population of 1.5 million people while maintaining access to the Norwegian … Read more

Mumbai City Guide

With a population of over 21 million people, Mumbai is one of the most populated cities in the world and an important home different spiritual traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, … Read more

Members Discounts

This page provides an overview of members-only discount codes as part of Zafiri Collection. Enter these discount codes into the Promo Code section of the booking checkouts, or follow the … Read more

Austin City Guide

As the Texan capital, Austin has played a central political role since the state joined the Union in 1845. The city has taken on an increased importance at a national … Read more

Greenville City Guide

The 70,000 residents of Greenville, South Carolina enjoy some of the best is full of quality running and cycling routes, and attractive coffee shops. Located 70 miles south of Asheville … Read more

Asheville City Guide

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Vienna City Guide

As the second-largest German speaking city and former centre of the Austro-Hungarian empire, Vienna’s urban landscape is iconic. Freud, Beethoven and Mozart called the city home, streets composed of Baroque … Read more

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As the sporting capital of Australia and a world-class arts and dining precinct, Melbourne pretty much has it all. Now home to five million people, Melbourne is a sprawling metropolis … Read more

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