City Guides for Endurance Athletes


Where to train, eat and sleep in cities around the world


Philadelphia City Guide

Philadelphia, or better yet, “Philly,” is a true East Coast city, in part feeling and looking like a mixture of Baltimore, Boston, and Washington D.C. But it has its own … Read more

Istanbul City Guide

Istanbul is a monstrosity. Historically, the city dates back over 2,500 years enduring the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Ottomans as well as three name changes – Byzantium and Constantinople before … Read more

Ace Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana

, April 23, 2024

The jazz, Mardi Gras and year-round revelry in New Orleans makes the largest Louisiana metropolis a tough place to maintain a reliable training regime. But the city’s year-round warmth and … Read more

Freehand Hotel in Manhattan, NYC

, March 25, 2024

Finding a cost-effective yet comfortable hotel in Manhattan isn’t easy. Even those looking for a small hotel room can struggle to find one for less than $200 south of Central … Read more

Hotel Riverton in Gothenburg, Sweden

, March 22, 2024

Located equidistant from Copenhagen and Oslo, Sweden’s second largest city embraces all the best hospitality offerings alongside an athletic edge. Hotel Riverton is one of Gothenburg’s design hotels, reflecting boutique … Read more