FONDATION CAB Saint-Paul-de-Vence near Nice, France

, April 1, 2024

Despite being set back from the coastal frontage of the French Riviera, Saint-Paul-de-Vence has played a central role in contributing to the cultural caché of the region. Located on a hill 12 miles north-west of central Nice, the small village was once home to American novelist James Balwin, and hosted the likes of Jean-Paul Sartre and Pablo Picasso at the prestigious La Colombe d’Or Hotel. Art collectors Marguerite and Aimé Maeght added to the ancient heritage of the village in 1964 with the building of Fondation Maegt, a Modernist building that host emerging contemporary art alongside its permanent collection. Meanwhile, the shallow relief from Saint-Paul-de-Vence connects with quieter roads – also a suitable base for running and cycling.

Fondation CAB Saint-Paul-de-Vence is an unusual hotel, configured by French architect Charles Zana as a guesthouse connected to an annex which houses the contemporary works of the Brussels-based institution. The four bedrooms are unique, made of refined colours and materials that frame custom lighting and art work (the designer lighting varies across the four bedrooms). A fifth outhouse is in fact Maison Démontable (1944), a 6m by 6m house by Jean Prouvé, bookable for €600 per night.


Additionally, Fondation CAB Saint-Paul-de-Vence includes several exhibition spaces, a bookshop and a dining area. The café-restaurant, SOL, is open for brunch and lunch in an off-street location beneath thriving orange and lemon trees. Expect avocado, bacon, eggy options alogngise yoghurts, salads and creamy burrata.

Training Notes

Runners can use the lanes immediately from Fondation CAB, looking uphill to the north. There’s no athletics track in the village.

The best orientation of cycling in the Nice area is a The Service Course. They can supply road and gravel bike rentals, and also lead group rides from the cafe in central Nice which pass via Saint-Paul-de-Vence.

Swimmers need to make it to the coastal swimmers areas, or Piscine Municipale de Saint Laurent du Var – a 50m competition swimming pool eight miles from Saint-Paul-de-Vence.

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