Hotel Dominique Colonna in Corte, Corsica

, June 4, 2024

The tumbling Restonica and Trivagna Rivers merge at the mountain village of Corte in central Corsica. Inset from Corsica’s beaches, the village has grown with introduction of Université de Corse Pasquale Paoli, a small campus that’s dwarfed by the mountains which vault into the sky to the west. Peaks of 2600m are visible from Corte marking Corsica’s spine and providing plenty of inspiration for hikers, runners and ambitious cyclists willing to take on the sheer climbs that reach into the alpine valleys.

Opened in 2004, Dominique Colonna has favoured the Restonica waterway, also the shortest line to the GR20 multi-stage hiking route. Boutique finishes complete a compact yet roomy hotel that perilously clings onto a bank of Restonica as it cascades towards Corte, 1km away. For all these attributes, Dominique Colonna was awarded a Michelin Key in 2024.

Swimming pool at Dominique Colonna

There are three room types, starting with Standard at 18m², progressing to Garden (22m²) and Superior. Two suites offer extended features – L’Alba (40m²) and A Casuccia, a vast 70m² which includes two double bedrooms.

Though Dominique Colonna put on an excellent breakfast (€26 for outside visitors), there isn’t a lunch or dinner option beyond charcuterie board. For that, walk or get a lift to Corte and try Patisserie Casanova 1887 (4 Cr Paoli) for a delicious, build-your-own salad during lunch. For evenings, try U Museu or A Casuccia – Sicilian pizza recommended. Auberge Restonica is Dominique Colonna’s neighbour, also serve good food into the evening.

Training Notes

From Dominique Colonna, there is a narrow, two-way connecting Corte with the upper Restonica Valley. The traffic isn’t terrible, but best be cautious and walk in small groups to allow traffic to pass. One mile up the valley, the road connects to a trail taking you to Camp Tuani via a wooden footbridge. An ambitious hike involves heading uphill then over the hill (north) to connect to Refuge de la Sega and a downhill trail roughly hugging the Tavignano River – c. 30km back to base.

Stadiu Santos-Manfredi

Stadiu Santos-Manfredi is Corte’s running track, best accessed during mornings from 8am to 11am. There is no entrance fee.

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