The Service Course, Nice

, July 19, 2022

What started in Girona now has an address on the Côte d’Azur, 100 yards from the beach. The Service Course, Nice marries beautiful rental bikes with coffee and rigorous programme … Read more

Vienna City Guide

As the second-largest German speaking city and former centre of the Austro-Hungarian empire, Vienna’s urban landscape is iconic. Freud, Beethoven and Mozart called the city home, streets composed of Baroque … Read more

G!RO Cycles cafe, Esher

, December 2, 2015

Known for its G!ROPRESSO seasonal blend, G!RO Cycles is a stronghold of London’s Surrey Hills cycling scene. G!RO is perfectly positioned in Esher, just within the M25 and a short ride … Read more

Watts Gallery & Cafe, Compton

, August 31, 2015

Strewn across a patch of ground to the east of the A3 near Guilford, the Surrey village of Compton has developed a reputation not as a sleepy satellite for London’s commuter … Read more

Etón Corp Boost 4200

, June 5, 2015

Perhaps, more than anything, what’s most rewarding about wielding Etón Corp’s Boost 4200 is not the on-the-go charge it provides, but the social kudos you get from being so stylishly prepared. No waterproofed … Read more

Oakley Vented Racing Jacket

, April 29, 2015

At around the time when you’ve accumulated enough dirt in your sunglasses to warrant a viable export, thinking about a review of your favourite sunglasses is truly in order.  For their obedience … Read more

Spin London Cycling Show

, April 23, 2015

Set to hit the The Sorting Office in early May, Spin London is a 3-day festival tuned to latest developments in cycling culture. The event plays  host to a number of … Read more

Gore Bike Wear Thermo Overshoes

, February 4, 2015

Perhaps the toughest thing about early morning winter cycling is the shock of swapping a warm bed for a whistling chill right at dawn. While you’re busy thrusting a high cadence to shake some energy … Read more

Original Buff Headwear Review

, January 24, 2015

It’s always amazed me how Buffwear survive as a business. They’re at all the tradeshows, in stores around the UK and US, but their core product is so remarkable – … Read more

Road Cycling Climbs in Andorra

, August 22, 2013

Earlier this summer, I was in Andorra for some riding with friends in and around the principat. Set high in the Pyrenees at base elevation of 1400m, Andorra is spectacular, … Read more

Cycling the Tour of New Zealand

, May 14, 2012

The tour began simultaneously in Cape Reinga (North of the North Island) and Bluff (South of the South Island) at 8am on Saturday April 14th, from where cyclists routed 700 kilomtetres over eight days to the Beehive in Wellington on the south of the North Island. Cyclists were able to choose which route they took, either by linked South with North, or by completing the ride entirely on the North Island. The optional routes gave rides the chance to experience very different terrain from Queenstown to Wanaka, then Twizel, Tekapo and Fairlie on the South Island, or Waitomo, Wanganuie and Wellington on the North Island.

The Mighty Hills of Wales: A Cyclist’s Paradise

, April 28, 2012

When the surf is flat but the sun is still shining, us Welsh outdoor fanatics get out our bikes and hit the road, or the mountains – depending on how energetic we’re feeling! Wales is a cyclist’s dream and offers world class routes for all levels of riders, both on and off road. From hidden forest dirt jumps to challenging hill climbs with breathtaking scenery, Wales literally has it all.

Cycle Touring Northern Scotland

, November 13, 2011

In June this year I went on a five-day mini cycletour of Northern Scotland. The aim of this trip, outside of being a good adventure and opportunity to see some different parts of Scotland, was to learn the ropes before embarking on a longer trip the following July. I wanted to assess how my kit performed and identify any weaknesses, to see if I go insane in my own company and to see what sort of distance I could cover. With a reasonable base bike fitness, I was not too concerned about the riding but the other aspects of the cycle touring which were largely new to me.