Original Buff Headwear Review

, January 24, 2015

It’s always amazed me how Buffwear survive as a business. They’re at all the tradeshows, in stores around the UK and US, but their core product is so remarkable – a thermal liner for the neck and/or head. This simplicity seems underwhelming, and falls well short of what most brands offer – endless lines of gear that tends to get worse and worse the wider the inventory.

But the more you think about the product, and the more you find yourself taking it out for runs and rides, the more you realise just how versatile the garment is, to the extent that you may as well take it with your whenever you slightly doubt the weather.

Most other brands try to make neck pieces that mirror Buff’s Original, sizing them to different dimensions and thicknesses. Buff however have a set dimension, thickness and fabric features that just work.

Not too thick and suitably long and elastic, the Original Buff can be thrown over the entire head while covering the neck, or doubly-rolled over itself to provide more protection for your neck, or simply worn scrunched down around the neck. Whereas equivalent garments from competitors are often too thick, the Original Buff’s thin material combines significant protection from the elements, something that can go from soaking to dry in the time it takes to order and drink a coffee.

Though I only use my Buff on cold days (sub six degrees celsius), it can also be used to protect endurance athletes from sun exposure. See any serious Marathon Des Sables runner and they’re heavily covered from the crown of the head to their neckline – an area that can be navigated by Buff.

What Buff lacks in technical diversity it makes up for in its wide variety of designs. Get hold of a design that generally matches anything you wear and keep your Buff tube handy for long sessions, or for when you need to pop out to the shops incognito. I got mine through a Hell Rider adventure duathlon and though the design is garish and comical, I’ve never once looked baCk.

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