Oakley Vented Racing Jacket

, April 29, 2015

At around the time when you’ve accumulated enough dirt in your sunglasses to warrant a viable export, thinking about a review of your favourite sunglasses is truly in order.  For their obedience and unwavering performance, my Oakley Race Jacket sunglasses have been bastions of durability and calm during my frantic moments with them of the past three years.

Perhaps the first and most notable feature of the Racing Jacket are the two eyelets positioned in the corners of the frame, features that make up Oakley’s Switchlock technology. Thanks to this simple hinge, you can easily whip out one pair of lenses and replace them with another, locking things back together within a matter of 20-30 seconds. This flexibility has proved vital when cycling in low-light during the winter. In adverse conditions, where direct sunlight is minimal, I opt for a clear lens and store my sunny pair in a sturdy sunglasses case.

Beyond the flexibility of filter, lenses have been cut to allow for exceptional venting. Though the sunglasses can fog up on the inside on wet days of aggressive hill climbing, they’re quick to clear up with a few minutes when air flow increases again (10mph+). The contact of the frame on the nose piece and ears is well distributed, meaning you have a firm fit without the sweaty patches on nose or temples.

When it comes to combining these two features – correct lensing and moisture-free cavity – the Racing Jacket serves provides outstanding clarity. Though it must be said that the massive frame is a style of its own, its large profile widen your vision, essentially with unrestricted peripherals.

If you happen to drop these esteemed optics on the floor, be sure to expect a confident rebound; the Race Jacket is incredibly stress resistant and, befitting their profile, suitably robust.

The price of the Racing Jacket varies considerably between retailers. Seek out SigmaSport.co.uk for one of the better offers for UK-based athletes. In the US, check them out at backcountry.com.

The Racing Jacket battling at Tour of Flanders (2015)