Haglöfs Zensor Nordic Winter Sleeping Bag

, February 11, 2011

As one of Scandinavia’s top outdoor and equipment manufacturers, Haglöfs hold nothing back with their sleeping bag range. I’ve been using the Zensor Nordic Winter over the season and have been amazed by just how comfortable and warm it has been. Suitable to a -20 degrees Celsius, The Zensor has held up well in -10 at Ben Alder Bothy. However, to work out why this Haglöfs bag is so comfy, a further analysis of the product’s features is needed.

George Bullard: Polar Record Holder

, February 9, 2011

Inspired from a young age to adventure, George Bullard isn’t known for turning down opportunities to get out into the wild. At a financial services lecture in London early 2008, George found was introduced to somebody looking for a team to go down to Antarctica with BSES. Since this first expedition at the age of 18, George is now a world record holder and athlete on Team Accelerate, one of the UK’s top adventure racing outfits.

Norrøna Lyngen Down Jacket

, February 9, 2011

Norrona have been developing outdoor garments with a Norwegian twist since 1929. Known for their innovation, with products like Europe’s first Gore-Tex jacket in 1977, to base layers for Everest expeditions, Norrona have established themselves as a premier adventure brand.

Mule Bar Sport Nutrition

, February 8, 2011

In 2002 Alex Smith and Jimmy Docherty, started trying recipes to create tasty, nutritious food for adventure. A little later they created Fuel For Adventure, turning the heat on with a view to taking their products to a commercial scale. Now an established brand in adventure racing, Mule Bar have sponsored the Absa Cape Epic, South Africa and the Tour of Britain, and make some great products at the same time.

Suunto Vector HR

, February 8, 2011

Now incredibly technical and developed, it’s hard to imagine Suunto products in 1936 when Tuomas Vohlonen began to engineer more accurate methods of constructing compass needles. 75 years later, Suunto have moulded a brand committed to the design and manufacture of leading precision instruments for sports, incorporating new technologies that are now standard features in the industry.

Revolver Trailer

, February 2, 2011

Check out the trailer for Poor Boyz Productions’ 2010 ski film. Focusing on the progression of skiing over the last decade, Poor Boyz have linked up with Salomon to create … Read more

R.E.D. Hi-Fi Helmet

, February 1, 2011

R.E.D. Protection have evolved hardware products over the last decade to remain a top of their game when it comes to performance gear. Their Women’s Hi-Fi Helmet reflects an investment in the growing awareness of the safety and warmth helmets bring to skiers and boarders around the world – just the kind of heads-on thinking we like. The Hi-Fi includes some further gadgets that take helmet security and comfort to the next level.

Platypus Insulator

, December 29, 2010

The Platypus Insulator provides a simple remedy by using the trusted Big Zip SL Reservoir by adding an outer layer to help limit the rate of cooling and heating of water. The unit is reinforced by a Cordura exterior sheath to ensure the durability of the the soft insulation.

Skiing in La Grave, France

, December 20, 2010

For some wild riding this winter take the train to the French Alps and check out La Grave. Less commercial than other resorts, La Grave has become known amongst ski … Read more