R.E.D. Hi-Fi Helmet

, February 1, 2011

R.E.D. Protection have evolved hardware products over the last decade to remain a top manufacturer of performance ski and board gear. Their Women’s Hi-Fi Helmet reflects an investment in the growing awareness of the safety and warmth helmets bring to skiers and boarders- just the kind of heads-on thinking we like. The Hi-Fi includes some further gadgets that take helmet security and comfort to the next level.

The Hi-Fi Helmet includes R.E.D.’s Air Band Fit system, a technology that allows for an internal customisation of the helmet via an air-pump mechanism. Although I didn’t have a problem with fit, this feature could come in handy if you’re looking for a soft custom fit.

The ‘Gloves On’ buckle strap is well padded, and the buckle itself easily removed, although I’m yet to come across a buckle that is both secure and effortlessly easy to undo. Soft earpads are one of the major benefits of a helmet, providing a degree of insulation that other hats can’t replicated. The Quick Clip II Ear Pads on the Hi-Fi are easily removed, an essential feature for Spring riding.

If you are feeling in the mood, attach a pair of REDPhone Premium DJ around the lightweight polycarbonate shell top off a great looking helmet that you’ll want to show off.

Useful Information

RRP £85
Available from Freeze Pro Shop for £67.99
Colours: various