Going Going Bike

, February 13, 2011

Going Going Bike is an online auction marketplace dedicated to connecting second-hand bike sellers to buyers. Launched in July 2010, the website hopes to differentiate itself from other auction sites by not charging a listing fee to the seller until the sale is made. From a point of fairness, GGB hopes to create a safe and reliable method of buying and selling bikes.

In an effort to reduce bike theft, GGB has developed the ‘Prove it‘ scheme to try to keep stolen bikes off the market. Beyond this initiative, GGB informs and advises browsers on bike protection.

As the only auction site dedicated to the sale of second-hand bikes, GGB aims to create an online meeting point for bike-lovers. Through a regularly updated blog, GGB raises current issues in recreational cycling. Due to its unique market place in the market, GGB has the opportunity to define itself as a reflection of trends and concerns within the cycling industry, paying attention to issues that its browsers are looking to clarify.