George Bullard: Polar Record Holder

, February 9, 2011

Inspired from a young age to adventure, George Bullard isn’t known for turning down opportunities to get out into the wild. At a financial services lecture in London early 2008, George found was introduced to somebody looking for a team to go down to Antarctica with BSES. Since this first expedition at the age of 18, George is now a world record holder and athlete on Team Accelerate, one of the UK’s top adventure racing outfits.

In 2008 George completed his biggest expedition to date, the Tiso Trans Greenland Expedition,  now the ‘longest fully unsupported polar journey of all time.’ Aged just 19, he took on the challenge with Alex Hibbert to break the previous record of 1,305 miles by walking 1,374 miles without aid of any sort. After experiencing pure unspoilt polar travel for months, he headed home to England with a revitalised outlook.

On his return to the UK, George decided that he wanted to share experiences of the far-flung places he had been, choosing to deliver his message in the form of motivation speeches. The aim of the talks is to inform, inspire and encourage other people to do take on similar challenges by raising awareness of the opportunities available in neglected parts of the world. Through promoting his personal reflections, George hopes to get people to react responsibly in the outdoors.

Over the last two years he’s given lectures to audiences of all ages, talents and backgrounds in the form of talks at ranging from corporate audiences, to prize givings at primary schools. George’s talks stretch from achieving the unthinkable to recovering from multiple failures, themes which are just as relevant on adventures as they are in everyday life – the greatest adventure of them all!

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