Skiing in La Grave, France

, December 20, 2010

For some wild riding this winter take the train to the French Alps and check out La Grave. Less commercial than other resorts, La Grave has become known amongst ski mountaineers as the place to go for the unprotected terrain. With few pisted runs, be sure to do your homework before searching out your own tracks.

Vancouver-based Arc’teryx are no strangers to outstanding ski terrain, and are often one of the first companies to sponsor pioneering trips into winter terrain, even when skiing isn’t the focus. Have a look at this stunning 13-minute short from Jordan Manley, as part of A Skier’s Journey, Episode 2 to get a feel for France’s southern-most skiing secrets.

Another clip touches on Le Telepherique, the renowned 5-cab cable car that gets skiers up the mountain with some simple, robust mechanics. The cable car’s role in the small French village verge on the spiritual, with engineers referring to the way it provides access to the secrets of the mountain. This enduring story points back to its opening in 1976 to a time when skiing was less popular, the the ride down no less certain.

Head on over to Hautes Vallees website to get more information about lift openings and accommodation.