SOAR Session Tights Review

, January 24, 2024

London-based running brand SOAR is part of a cadre of running upstarts from the past decade, joining the likes of Ciele and Tracksmith to elevate performance apparel. Since 2015, SOAR have been designing uncompromising apparel for elite runners, gradually making their minimalist lines appealing to amateur runners willing to meet the not-cheap pricing.

Their minimal Session Tight is a signature item providing the legs with mild compressive – tighter than Tracksmith’s Turnover Tight, but freer than the Skins DNAmic tight. The price tag is elevated too – at £130.

Despite the tight’s full-length coverage, the Session doesn’t offer much thermal retention. Opt for a more hefty thread when temperatures approach zero degrees Celsius, but confidently use the Session into the summer.

Four printed silicone grips on the calf and thighs provide a sure fixture. Two inner pouches on the rear waist belt allows for stowing of keys but not large enough for a phone or credit card.

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