SKINS DNAmic Thermal Men’s Compression Tight

, March 21, 2017

Training through the winter immediately qualifies you for rigorous apparel, especially if you’re venturing outside for runs, bike rides or mountaineering. Even if you’re swift about it, any aspect or wind chill can completely turn a brisk day into unbearable toil.

Since I feel pretty set with luminious Craft 2.0 top, I looked further afield for compression tights this winter, choosing SKINS and their DNAmic Thermal Men’s Compression Tight. Thinking about the double-helix of a winter riding and running, I was confident that these hefty threads would clad my training ambitions pretty well.

In many ways, SKINS were the forerunners to the whole compression game, emerging from Australia when Under Armour and 2XU were also in their infancy. Though SKINS haven’t been able to jump into major brand status, their technical quality is premier.

As for their performance, my pair of DNAmic tights have proven wonderful, always offering a solid amount of compression to invigorate the legs, while encouraging a freedom of movement. The waist band provides plenty of surface area so can be used to tuck a thermal into a fixed place, a touchpoint that is matched around the ankle where “compression” is, technically, still in play.

After about a dozen machine washes, the tights have maintained their elasticity and soft brushed interior. My DNAmic Thermal tights will certainly be making their way back out of the top drawer when the winter approaches in November.

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