Travelling in Post-Conflict Zones

, January 27, 2015

The quest for original and authentic travelling experiences has become an increasing challenge for adventurous individuals desperately looking to get well off the beaten track. There is however a solution … Read more

Trekking in the High Pyrenees, France

, September 28, 2014

n July two friends and I set off to tackle a two and half week section of the Pyrenean Haute Route (HRP). This route starts on the Atlantic coast, in the town of Hendaye, and makes a complete traverse of the range, eventualy arriving on the shores of the Mediterranean, at Banyuls-sur-Mer.

Parc Natural dels Ports, Spain

, April 16, 2012

Adventurers in western France and northern Spain naturally look to the Pyrenees for a multitude of summer and winter explorations. Given that I would be in north-eastern Spain in mid-March, … Read more

Kitesurfing near Mombasa, Kenya

, January 29, 2012

The brilliant white sand, azure skies and turquoise waters of the Kenyan South coast have long served as a magnet for beach lovers. Whilst these idyllic features provide the perfect setting for a lazy coastal break there is also something on offer for those looking for a little more adventure. Kitesurfing on the coast south of Mombasa has been in existence for a number of years and with conditions which are ideally suited for all level of kiters it’s not difficult to see why. From mid-December through till early March the Kaskzai (northerly) trade winds provide a steady side-shore wind which strengthens during the day from around 10 knots in the morning, up to winds in excess of 20 knots by late afternoon. This is replaced from June by the Kuzi (southerly) trade winds which blow through until September. The Kuzi provides side to side-onshore winds which range in strength from 15-30 knots and can bring with them a stronger swell. However the protection provided by offshore reefs means that protection from the larger waves can always be found if so desired.

Trekking the Alpine Pass Route

, March 7, 2011

An appetite for the mountains and a spare three weeks were all I needed to head cross the Swiss Alps in July 2010. Two friends and I chose to tackle the ‘Alpine Pass Route,’ a 15-part trail that goes over most of Switzerland’s most famous passes. In total the route covers some 350km, crossing from the town of Sargans in the East to Montreux in the West over nearly 20,000m of ascent. Travelling through such terrain on foot provides a unique ability to appreciate a stunning landscape and discover the smaller details of mountain life.