Veletage Bike Store, Vienna

, October 17, 2017

You can’t go many places in Vienna without seeing greenery. If you’re not within or near one of the city’s many parks then you’ll be able to look to the hills where rolling forests and fields slide into the horizon. A main thoroughfare for cyclists heading to this upper lip is the bike-friendly bank of the Donau, a tarmac strip one block away from Vienna’s premium cycle store, Veletage.

While their main trade is bike fit and bike builds, Veletage also sell a curated collection of apparel which you’re welcome to browse over an espresso shot or two. Their standout brand is Festka, a highly selective custom frame builder out of Prague. You’ll also find a wall stocking some cycling magazines and hardback photography books.

If these goods don’t distract you enough, turn to the Veletage team. Josh is from San Diego, Tom from Kitzbühel and Kurt from Carinthia, a region in the southern Alpine region of Austria. Their knowledge of the area and the fine details of Viennese life are well worth seeking.