Executive Summary

This page summarises the background, status and direction of Zafiri.

Zafiri is a website and network that focuses on connecting endurance athletes with the best training infrastructure to improve their performance and enjoyment of running, cycling and swimming. Infrastructure can include facilities, routes, services and hospitality in the city (City Guides), or within terrain that can be reached in less than a 2-hour drive of the city (Trips).


Launched by Will Ross in November 2017, a London-based entrepreneur. Will’s background is in journalism and product management, previously working for Strava and Freeletics, two tech companies in health and fitness. Zafiri has over 600 posts and was grown organically by Will since releasing a WordPress site at college in 2010, then under the name of “Magnetic Junction.”

In November 2017, City Guides and Trips were introduced around an encrypted, paid-for access to the site. Quarterly and Annual payment cycles give subscribers access to these two sections of the website.

City Guides outline the best places to run, cycle and swim in cities around the world, with some notes on where to sleep and find healthy food. The idea is to suggest the best one or two places, focusing on the business traveller’s working week.

Trips are weekends away at a vetted accommodation located in good terrain for training. Zafiri arrange a modest discount (10-20%) with the accommodation and pin exact dates for the visit, creating an experience with a loose and optional order of events. One weekend will happen for 8-10 subscribers near to London over the first weekend of January 2018, and another will take place early in May in the Catskills, New York.


We’ve now published 19 city guides and have just over 250 paying subscribers. New guides are being created by commission writer-triathletes, paid for work that helps Zafiri broaden in reach.

Email Will Ross (will@zafiri.com) for access to the premium sections of the website. View Will’s upcoming travel dates.

[Last updated: October, 2018]