Sea To Summit Silk Travel Liner

, September 20, 2011

Having planned several medium to long backpacking trips over the last 3 years, I have grown quite accustomed to a well established routine of ticking off vital and important items on my packing checklist. Since my very first traveling experience, the Silk Travel Liner, produced by Sea To Summit, has continually made it to the top of this list.

Whatever the planned trip, backpacking in cheap hostels throughout Eastern Europe, sleeping in a mosquito ridden tent in Greece, or even using the liner as a simple blanket during countless night train journeys, the Travel Liner will usually make the difference between a rough and a great nights sleep.

Its light weight means that I rarely ever need to factor in the opportunity cost of its weight when I pack it, even for simple overnight trips. This, along with its incredibly practical small size, means it can fit anywhere in my bag, in any of the small pockets, so that it can be taken out with relative ease after a long day traveling.

It is also mosquito proof, as so far I have had absolutely no bites anywhere on my body when I have used it to sleep outside or in places with open windows during the hot summer months. Despite this, it is surprisingly breathable, so even when it is excruciatingly hot, you can still protect yourself from various insect bites without sweating to death in your sleep.

A small detail that I particularly enjoy is generous size of the bag that the liner is contained in. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a relatively tight fit. But after spending fatiguing amounts of time during early mornings trying to roll up an impossibly large sleeping bag into its containing bag, the Sea To Summit Liner fits in with such ease that you will never be tearing your hair out at ungodly hours in the morning again.

Due to its high retail price compared to some alternatives, this product is clearly an investment for many short and long trips, but you will quickly realise that every penny is well spent. It has shown minimum wear after 50+ nights of usage, but like all traveling equipment, the greater care you take to look after your gear, the longer it will last.

Even on cold nights, this liner can easily be fitted inside a sleeping bag to provide another layer of insulation and ensure that you have a comfortable nights sleep.

All in all, an initially expensive, but useful addition to any hiking, backpacking or trekking gear.

Useful information

  • RRP £51.50
  • Available in Yellow, Red, Blue and Green.
  • Available in the UK with free delivery from Amazon.
  • Check out Sea To Summit’s sustainable promise.


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