Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2

, September 13, 2011

After deciding that I was really going to go through with a summer plan to overland 4000km from Romania to Kyrgyzstan this summer, I soon decided that I needed some comfortable yet functional footwear. After a good amount of time researching the trip I wanted to invest in a good pair of performance sport shoes to enable me to complete all the mini-adventures along the way.

Having relied on Salomon products for freestyle skiing because of their reliability and quality, I was curious as to whether their footwear could achieve similar results. Selecting the XA Pro 3D Ultra 2. The trip would take me through a number of different environments, ranging from cities to arid steppe and snow-covered mountains to endless desert – a bunch of conditions that I thought the ‘run-hike’ model would really enjoy.

The Ultra 2’s streamline and breathable design majorly contributes to its light weight feel on the foot. Despite this, the shoe’s strength allows it to keep hold of a very durable shoe; after 2 months of constant use, it shows no sign of wear. The laced string can be tightened or loosened via a quick release/pull toggle, meaning it takes no time to put on or take off the shoe. During the trip I welcomed the sheer compatibility of the shoe both when I was puting them on in a hurry, and when I was setting them up for longer excursions.

The Ultra 2 in front of Kazbegi Mountain, Georgia

Whether I was running up sand dunes in the Karakum Desert, crawling up scree in the Caucasus, wading through long grass in Kyrgyzstan or tiptoeing through dilapidated streets in Tashkent, the Ultra 2 gave me the stability and comfort to fully enjoy my trip. Whatever your interest, the Ultra 2 will rise to the challenge, no matter what the terrain.

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  • RRP £70
  • The Ultra 2 comes in six colours
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