Rowbots Studio Rowing Gyms, London

, May 13, 2022

The downturn in high street trade served as a death-nell for businesses across London in March 2020, once Covid-19’s threat was acknowledged. Even the most entrenched businesses struggled to maintain their addresses, with newer venues with novel offerings and smaller audiences having an even harder time. Interval rowing gym brand Rowbots was at this nexus: they opened in 2019 on Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia – a sub-basement setting that couldn’t be brought on-street to improve circulation

Despite this harsh timing, Rowbots’ relatively recent arrival to studio interval training has allowed them to update the model, gently lacing psychological communication into sessions. According to their website: “The ROWBOTS workout is the first of its kind, primarily categorised by our unique psychological themes, we scientifically integrate psychological, mental conditioning and mindfulness techniques into our classes to help you build and develop your #MachineMindset.”

How sessions work

As with Barry’s Bootcamp, the expertly coached sessions at Rowbots toggle between floor and rowing machine setups over a 50-minute interval session. Each day of the week is themed so you’ll have a sense for how volume is distributed. From Monday to Sunday: Reset, Action, Stamina, Energy, Freestyle, Switch-on or Recharge.

For example, an endurance-orientated Wednesdays may include an 18-minute row, while an intense Tuesdays might include 3x 3 minutes with target distances of 650m, 850m or 1050m for advanced in the opening sequence, or 10 30-second sprints spaced by the same length of recovery. Time on the rower is followed by 10-12 minutes of floor work using dumbbells, matching the theme of the day.

Stay for the playlist

Whether it’s the music, coaching or exercise itself, Rowbots raise the roof. Music ranges from Ludovico for cooldown to MIMS’ “This is Why I’m hot” and South Africa’s Zakes Bantwini – an eclectic mix to amplify the mood of Rowbots’ sessions. There’s a sense of the euphoric at high points, and in the embers at the end of the workout, expect Hans Zimmer or Nils Frahm to enter the studio.

Other facilities

Bathrooms at both City and Fitzrovia venues set a high standard, with Oude Noir products available in abundance, as we’ll as Grown Alchemist shampoo (damask rose, black pepper, sage), conditioner (damask rose, chamomile, lavender stem) and body wash (chamomile, bergamot, rosewood). Both venues are furnished with a smoothie bar with espresso – a platform for your return to Central London.

Visit Rowbots at their City and Fitzrovia venues