POC Fondo Splash Jacket Review

, January 2, 2018

Drop yourself into a Munich summer and it soon becomes pretty clear why you need a light rain jacket even for short rides. Always teasing, summer weather in the south of Germany ranges from the balmy and warm to the outright disastrous and dripping wet. Cycle further south into the Bavarian Alps and these extremes are felt even more, with aspect multiplying the importance of a packable layer; something that’s light to carry when warm, and something that protects you on descents in the wet.

Fortunately Munich’s premier bike store, Bikedress, is well stocked with quality brands that take a proactive approach to Southern Germany’s mixed climate. POC Sports is one of their brands, with the signature Fondo Splash Jacket in ample supply. I picked up my black cloak once I released that the Spring of 2016 would work its way into the summer months and have called on the layer regularly since.



The general utility of the Splash Jacket means that features are minimal. Elasticated cuffs create a snug fit, preventing water from running up your arms while not suffocating them. A large rear pocket provides generous space for storage, but is centrally located on the back so not something you can access in the saddle. The compartment itself is also limited in protection and is in fact not itself waterproof – a missed opportunity for POC. Nevertheless, an athletic cut means the Fondo Splash doesn’t feel like a compromise, but rather an extra skin on turbulent days.

Find out more on the Fondo and POC’s cycling jackets at pocsports.com.