Hotel La Perla, Corvara, Dolomites

, July 25, 2017


The term “bike chalet” wouldn’t have made sense 10 years ago, at least for those who picture wooden structures laden with snow, serving a role only in the winter. Surrounded by a fantastic Dolomitian backdrop, the family owned Hotel La Perla has taken on the responsibility of hosting cyclists and providing a permanent launch for cyclists taking on the renowned Sella Ronda loop.

Leading Bike is La Perla’s in-house effort to offer world-class cycling without compromise. With partners Pinarello and inGamba, they’ve made formidable friends. The Dogma Pinarello Lounge fronts the hotel with a selection of vintage frames and the latest Dogma F10 for your own rental.

Perhaps Pinarello and InGamba have been convinced by La Perla’s other offering with more conveniently fall under the umbrella of hospitality. There are a handful of reasons to believe that the Costa family can bring panache to scenes beyond sleeping, eating and spaing.

An impressively stocked “Mahatma” (“soul”) cellar contains a mere 28,000 bottles of wine. Writing on the hotel’s website, Francesco Ricci pens the personification of this vault, a cavity which forms the foundation for the mountains that cradle La Perla, “I find her difficult to describe, she is not dark and mysterious as you might imagine, but for ever alive and radiant, and while to all she declares her state of mind and thoughts, to me she confides her innermost secrets. ” Sommelier Paolo is more frank, “… if I observe that someone does not deserve the privilege [to visit the cellar], the doors down below remain firmly shut.”


Fail to make it to the cellar, you’ll hopefully be accepted in the wellness spa, and certainly at the 180-degree bar whose welcoming angles a fall within a few feet of the hotel’s entrance. Choose between Martini, Manhattan, Negroni and Whisky Sours or dine at the 1* Michelin restaurant, La Stüa de Michil, or enjoy South Tyrolean classics next the bar at La Perla’s “Bistrot” restaurant.

Finally, sleeping quarters. The hotel’s 54 rooms are divided into three categories, “Romantik” (I’m not sure this can be translated), Standard and Single. The single offering is particularly unique, and the proper form for any athlete that isn’t looking to sacrifice on sleep for intimacy.


La Perla’s unrelenting quality makes it a premium offering in the Dolomites. The adjacent Berghotel Ladinia is also impeccable but lower in price, and is also stamped with Famiglia Costa care.