Boulderwelt Ost Climbing Gym, Munich

, September 13, 2017

The Bavarian capital has no shortage of outstanding sports facilities and infrastructure, enjoyed in droves by Munich locals no matter what the season. From stainless steel 50m swimming pools to the verdant Englischer Garten, the Bavarian capital is an excellent place to hone race-ready form. For climbers, Boulderwelt Ost (East) is a suitable spot, offering over 1600 m² of bouldering surface and typical Bavarian hospitality.

Boulderwelt Ost’s modest entrance conceals the vastness of its climbing walls, occupying an area half the size of a soccer field. You’ll find the regular furnishings of an indoor climbing gym, complete with a scattering of Nalgene and an eclectic hip-hop playlist, as well as local touches in the shape of compositums such as “Traversewand” (traverse wall) and “Wettkampfwand” (competition wall). There are no weights facilities, but a range of hanging boards and a suspended ladder present enough of a challenge.


But where the venue excels is through its outdoor climbing area, complete with slack lane and benches to relax during the summer. The Bavarian hospitality I mentioned includes helles and dunkel from Tegernsee and radler from Göss Brewery in Austria, with  buttermilch for true alpinists and Erdinger’s alcohol-free effort for pioneers. Fresh fruit and Clif Bars are perfect for on-the-go snacks, as compliments.

Fortunately, Boulderwelt Ost doesn’t obey Munich’s Sunday closing times, which means they’re open from 7am to 11pm weekdays, and 8pm to the same closing time on weekends. Visualise your upcoming workout by viewing Boulderwelt’s impressive floor planalso scroll on this page for some fascinating facts about the space.

Boudlerwest Ost is a 4-minute walk from Ostbahnhof, and has bike storage out front.