Black Diamond Prodigy

, February 2, 2011

With hundreds of different ski gloves available on the market, it is all too easy to become lost in wordy specifications and marketing propaganda. I have used a pair of Black Diamond Prodigy ski gloves for three seasons now, a length of time that pays testimony to true function.

While investing in good apparel is essential as a general rule, getting hold of a good pair of gloves is fundamental. No matter who you are skiing with or where you’re going, a cold pair of hands on the mountain can easily ruin a day out. I damaged the nerve endings in my hands when I was eight and have since payed particular attention to my glove selection, primarily because they are the first part of my body to go numb on cold days.

After making some weak purchases several seasons in a row, I opted for Black Diamond because of their simplicity and popularity within the snow community. I find the too often that brands try to design increasingly fashionable gloves, even though the main aim of any pair is to keep your hands warm.  The Prodigy sets itself apart with a Gore-Tex shell and a separate inner layer to make sure your hands retain as much heat as they generate. Despite my difficulties in warming my hands on the slopes, I am regularly able to take out my camera bare handed, take some shots, and have warmth back in my hands within 30 seconds of putting my gloves back on – just what you need.

In terms of durability, the Prodigy has also proved its value. Even after 3 years of use I only have one small tear on my left-hand glove after over 20 weeks of skiing. The embroidered leather layer adds to the durability of the glove, and even allows me to have a reliable grip on my phone when I’m texting from a chair lift.

Of course mittens will always give you greater warmth, but for the majority who seek the benefits of having a warm, fingered set of gloves, should think hard about the Black Diamond Prodigy. After all, its not cool to be cold.

Useful Information

RRP £109
Available in Men’s and Women’s from
Colours: Black or Black/Green or Yellow/Grey.

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