zazu kitchen + farm, Sebastopol, Sonoma

, June 26, 2017

If you ever you wanted an update on the hog’s reputation in the human-loved animal world, head to zazu kitchen + farm in Sonoma’s Sebastopol to witness a glowing appraisal. As well as making up a central pillar of the menu, the delightful squealer also provides inspiration for a portion of furnishings

Found in the gentrified Barlow gastro-hub of one of Sonoma smaller towns, zazu kitchen + farm puts together a spread of tasty dishes within the domain of American cuisine. Whereas its neighbours focus on wine, beer and coffee, zazu offer something to chew on, while acknowledging Sonoma’s likely crowd with a fantastic bar that holds center court in a breezy warehouse.


I grabbed the Cobb Salad on a sweltering summers day, a fare that was welcomed with a swig of freshly squezzed lemonade. Most impressive were the salad’s bacon chunks which came out generously diced and predictably delicious – zazu’s admiration for the pig runs deep.

Despite zazu’s delicious food, it’s hardly a tasteful operation for vegans, who may be warded off by the restaurant’s frontage – a pink pig bust made of a oil drum, bolted to the external wall. Yet with sufficient tolerance and a minute to absorb the coolness of the spacious venue, vegans and carnivores can appreciate zazu’s ambition in a town that is only emerging with Sonoma Valley’s premium wine route.

zazu kitchen + farm is open afternoons each day of the week aside from Tuesday, and is open from 9am on Sundays.