Windsurfing in Greece

, February 28, 2011

With warm waters and excellent wind conditions, Greece’s west coast has worked its way onto the windsurfing map alongside the growth of the sport over the last decade. Many coastal resorts have invested in brand new windsurfing kit to service stunning beaches and force 7 winds. To access some of the best windsurfing in Greece, head to Lefkada, an island off the west coast of mainland Greece.

On the south side of Lefkada is Vasiliki, one of windsurfing’s meccas. The village attracts wind junkies from all over the world, and for good reason; at about 3 o’clock the thermal winds fire down the coastal hills and create an incredible force 5-8 consistent cross-shore wind. On the beach there are an endless amount of companies hiring kit and within the Vasiliki itself there is plenty of accommodation. If you are looking for somewhere special, head to Villa Arbutus, a self-catered, solar powered house on the hills a couple of miles outside Vasiliki.

Travelling in Greece is easy, all you need is a backpack and patience, buses run regularly from city to city with ferries linking the islands for reasonable prices.

Getting there responsibly

Follow the London to Athens route planner on until Patras. At Patras, take a bus to Lefkada, heading to the south of the island and Vassiliki. Alternatively, take the same route until the ferry port at Bari, from where you can take a ferry to Igoumenista with Superfast Ferries, taking a bus south to Lefkada.