Windsor Half Marathon, South-East England

, October 7, 2015

The regal grounds of the Windsor Great Park are a sought after place for a autumn run, just in time to capitalise on  some end-of-season form. Speckled with mature oaks and clumps of ferns, this patch of greenery shows off the seasons in spades, taking place on the final Sunday of September.

Surface: The route is made of tarmac road and spacious footpaths, providing an impeccable tarmac surface with curving climbs and shallow dips.

Elevation: Starting at the midpoint of The Long Walk, the route takes a cursory glance at George III’s statue before routing clockwise through the 5000-acre park for two laps. The first lap is roughly flat and rolling, with the second lap dropping down and out of a dell so challenging runners in the final two miles.

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