Wild Swimming in Graubünden, Switzerland

, June 4, 2015

Wedged in the south-east corner of Switzerland, the canton of Graubünden is perfectly teed up for wild swimming. Rushing rivers throw cool alpine meltwater down the valleys, passing through the region’s 615 lakes. Water temperature in Graubünden becomes swimmable in May, kicking-off a season that lasts well into September. Here are some highlight locations and public transport connections in italics.

Untersee, Arosa

Held up at nearly 1700m above sea-level, the pristine Untersee (Lower Lake) in Arosa features two diving towers (1 and 3 metres), along with grass and sandy banks. Accessible by public bus – more information

Caumasee, Flims

Caumasee (Lake Cauma) is just below 1000m above sea-level and set in the heart of the Flims forest. Its turquoise waters are fed by hot springs and with a boreal backdrop wrapping the Lake, this is one magical basin.

Image: Graubünden Ferien

Take public transport to Flims Waldhaus, then walk one kilometre to the shuttle bus. If you make it to the Lake’s small island, treat yourself to snacks at the shoreline Caumasee restaurant.

Crestasee, Flims

With accommodation at Crestasee Guesthouse, make this protected natural site your retreat for night swimming. Take Post-Bus to the Felsbach-Crestasee stop, then 750 m walk to Lake.

Image: Graubünden Ferien

Barnagn Lake, Savognin

One of the warmer swimming lakes in the Swiss Alps, Savognin’s Barnagn Lake lies at 1200m above sea-level. Take Post-Bus to Savognin, then walk the 600m to the lake.

Heidisee, Lenzerheide

Heid Lake is found high up at 1500m above sea-level and is privileged with a unique thermal wind suitable for wind sailing. Part of the shoreline is shielded from the wind and reserved for swimmers. Located 200m from a Post-Bus stop.

Image: Graubünden Ferien

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