Velolife Thames Valley Cycling Cafes

, March 2, 2023

The three Velolife coffee venues in Thameside Berkshire are essential waypoints for Home Counties cyclists exploring the Chilterns, or turnaround points for those riding West from London.

Owner Lee Goodwin ran a pop-up in Maidenhead from 2017-2019 and after council battles to keep the original Warren Row location open, Velolife has expanded with a Wargrave venue on the Thames, and a 2022 opening in Twyford near the train station.

The Wargrave venue is closed during the winter, and Bia Cycling is the home of the Twyford coffee setup.

Locations on Google Maps

Wargrave – down Willow Lane near the river

Tywford – at Junction between Willow Road and Station Road

Warren Row

For more information, visit (redirects to Facebook page). Header image showing Velolife, Wargrave