Tracksmith Allston Half Tights

, May 6, 2023

Converting to running tights is decision bold enough to lose you some friends, but sometimes the trade-off can be worth it. In the case of the Men’s Tracksmith Allston Half Tights, a thread divides the crowd offering superlative performance for the runner and a dashing sight for anyone you run with.

There are two versions of the short – one with a built-in antimicrobial liner, one without. The snugger fit of unlined version may be the preference for purists (I tried it), but with the built-in liner you’ll have more comfort and less rubbing.

Both versions are made with a precise cut and firm tightness over and above what you would expect from other brands (e.g. adidas’ Saturday half-tight). The Italian fabric blend is made of 57% nylon and 43% elastane, working out as 185gsm and a compact wrap.

Dimensions include an 8” inseam, with the website providing a useful size guide and series of example fits – Malik (photographed) is 5’10” and wears a Medium.

As for pockets: the Allston includes one zippable pocket directly below the spine, with elastic pouches on either side for gels.

Washing instructions recommend using a warm temperature and a gentle dry cycle but frankly, unless you have multiple pairs, the £98 price tag and essential role of the Allston will have you hand-washing between your regular laundry cycles. A moment to meditate on the friends you lost, or dropped.

Learn more about the Allston Half Tight at Also available in Women’s.