, November 29, 2011

TORQ are a UK-based fitness consultancy that specialise in training and nutrition. Owing to the success of their performance coaching which started in 1999, TORQ moved into performance products to complement their existing services.

TORQ offer a range of energy and recovery products in gel and powder form.  I was tasked with assessing TORQ Gel, their carbohydrate gel with added electrolytes. TORQ differentiate their gels from the competition with a 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose blend.  The result is a lightly textured gel that is certainly more palatable and less viscous than some of the alternatives.

I tried the gels in a number of scenarios:  consumed before a morning swim session on an empty stomach, they seemed to give me the energy I needed to sustain myself until breakfast.  I also took one 5 minutes before the start of a 10k race, which proved easily digestible.

However, it is the flavours that make TORQ’s gels a compelling purchase for adventure.  The yoghurt flavours are delightful; their taste and texture emulating the dairy alternative to the point I’d struggle to tell the difference.

TORQ offers a light, tasty gel full of energy that is an ideal addition to any adventurer’s kit list.

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