Terra Nova Duolite Tourer

, February 9, 2011

Aware of the amount of cyclists taking to the roads, Terra Nova developed the Duolite Tourer specifically designed to match the demands of cyclo-tourists. Even with a large porch space and roomy interior, the tent collapses into a bundle that fits inside a pannier-sized package weighing 2.95kg. I used the tent on 22 consecutive nights when I cycled down Norway’s Atlantic Coast, a trip that tested and solidified by my love for this £280 product.

Remarkably simple to construct and deconstruct, the Tourer uses only a few poles that fit effortlessly into a roomy waterproof bag, saving me a lot of hassle over my three week trip in Norway. The waterproof bag is particularly useful because it can be stored uncovered on the rear rack of the bike even in the worst conditions.

The large porch space is one of the heralded features of the Duolite Tourer, although with bikes to protect, the area becomes a bit of a squeeze for two people. The sleeping quarters are cosy and the porch without the bikes is a social place to be. There is no fly net so be careful when using this product not to be caught up in midge territory. The minimalist design of the tent also means fewer poles and aluminium ground pegs, an issue in windy conditions where more sturdy tents usually hold out.

If you don’t expect to be in strong wind and want a light, simple tent, for cycle touring and general outdoor protection then the Terra Nova Duolite tourer is for you.

Useful Information

  • RRP £280
  • Visit Terra Nova’s online store for stockists.
  • Available in green only