Swim & Run Sydney’s Bondi-to-Bronte Coastal Path

, June 13, 2017

Given that the Northern hemisphere’s multisport hotspots are shrouded in winter by the time November arrives, a stroll down to Sydney’s Bondi Beach at this time of year could well mean putting yourself in the most intimidating scene on earth.

Swimmers and runners add a measure of velocity to this patch of coast, wedged between a bottleneck forced by the earth’s tilt and the need of the world’s fashion models to find gainful employment while Paris, Milan and London are cloaked in misery.

For swimming, find yourself at Icebergs Pool between 6am and 6:30pm any day of the week and with $6.50 to pay for the pleasure of thrashing out a few lengths of the 50m ocean water lido. You’ll be joined by a hardy group of swimmers, prospective swimmers aiming for “Iceberg” status by logging 75 swims during the off-season (July). Check into water temperatures through Icebergs Twitter account and note that the pool is closed on Thursdays for cleaning.

Alternatively or additionally, drop in at Bronte Baths which has a more natural setting and a 30m ocean pool on the south end of Bronte Beach, accessible for no fee (open 24 hours). For a more relaxed vibe, dip into the adjacent rockpool, Bogey Hole.

bondi_bronte_coastal_pathThese two Sydeny swimming spots are 2.25km apart when taking the coastal path – an ideal distance if you fancy making up your own aquathlon and working with and against the grain of coastal walkers. The path is paved the whole way as per the above photo, so road shoes are recommended.

Bondi has an abundance of nice eateries to start and end whatever lengthy morning workout you can think of. Grab a reservation at Trio Cafe for food, and sweep a few blocks north for a coffee at Porch & Parlour.