Sweet Protection Saviour Suit

, March 5, 2011

If you’re wondering how to take your backcountry collection to the next level look no further. Sweet Protection has come up with a full-body thermal, the Saviour Suit. As a unique product from a niche brand, this baselayer braves the elements with a hint of style.

Before trying the Saviour Suit I questioned the ability of an all-in-one to enable moisture flow throughout the garment, essential for maintaining a constant body temperature throughout the day. However, given its body-hugging design, the Saviour Suit wicked away moisture incredibly well, controlling my body temperature as well as any other combination of baselayers I’ve tried. The wicking system coped well with fluctuating temperatures during some mixed days in the Swiss Alps mid-season.

As well as answering to its core requirements, the Saviour Suit exhibits neat fabric design that makes for a comfortable day on the slopes. The zip that runs down the front of the suit is double ended, key for preparing an untimely break behind the pack.

My only criticism of the suit would be the lack of thumbholes at the cuffs. These would mean that the suit would stay fitted throughout the day, a benefit that would consolidate an already stable thermal.

Having said that, on the whole the Saviour Suit is very impressive and an ideal garment for any winter sports enthusiast looking to impress on the slopes. Although at the top end the market price-wise, expect the Saviour Suit to be making waves in apres-ski sessions throughout the season.

Useful Information

  • RRP £120
  • Men’s and Women’s available worldwide from Sweet Protection’s Online Store.
  • Sweet Protection on Products, Ethics and the Environment.