Introducing Movescount: Training Software from Suunto

, August 26, 2011

As technology takes a greater hold on the way we run our lives, it’s no surprise that adventure brands are jumping on the digital band wagon to enhance user experience. To bring their adventure software in line with established platforms from other watch manufacturers, Suunto released Movescount, their version of performance tracking. As well as updating training data features, Suunto introduced a neat social networking element to enhance the Movescount product. Here I’ll outline some of the key features, and guide you through the process of setting up an account.

Getting started

A ‘Move’ is the software’s term for a session of exercise and gathering ‘Moves’ is done as you log work-outs on your Suunto device. To view Moves you’ll need to download the Moveslink software, which will come up automatically when you connect your Suunto device for the first time. You’ll as need to set up an account which can be done via the Movescount homepage (top right).

Once you’ve connected your Suunto device and downloaded the Moveslink software, your training data will be dragged from your watch and uploaded online. Moves will then be viewable on Movescount via your login details. Once a Move has been published on Movescount it shall be deleted from your watches memory.

Moves can be tracked using the Suunto t3, t4, t6, M4, M5, X9i, X9Mi, X10 and Memory Belt.


Once Moves have been taken from your device, they’ll be processed by Movescount which shall provide an analytical and visually impressive log of your workout. Your Move will be automatically incorporated into your Movescount profile, allowing you to monitor and analyse your training over time. As well as being able to view data sets in table format, you can also create some nifty graphs to compare distance, time, heart rate, altitude against your performance. You can also label Moves by workout type, and view your past Moves in a calendar format – especially useful for multi athletes who want to trace the spread of their workouts only a monthly or weekly basis.

The social features of Movescount include a blog-style tag cloud that help you search for similar athletes as they share and copy other people’s routes. You can also follow people and communicate through the “shoutbox” feature – essentially similar to a tweet or writing on someone’s Facebook wall. Once you’ve set up an account and gotten used to the product, you may want to think about creating groups and events. Magnetic Junction has a small group that includes a few of our writers. Feel free to join us in our quest to Move more.

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