Supplying the London Marathon with fuel

, April 23, 2015

We’ve already witnessed the calamity caused by a lack of provisions on race day – 2014’s Sheffield Marathon taught us as much. In connecting athletes with sufficient water and nutrition, the London Marathon organisers have a serious operation on their hands – how to move enough freight to fuel a small town.

As the race’s 40,000 runners put in their final preparation, TNT are handling the logistics of a moving the stockpile of 1.25 million drinks bottles (200 tonnes) that been gathered in Kent during the week. To compliment this haul, 600 trestle tables will be used across the 26 feed stations that mark the course, and shall be set in place just 90 minutes before the race start. Finisher bags present the next challenge – each needs to be packed with food, clothing and other supplies from partner brands.

    • 1.25 million bottles of Lucozade and water
    • 50 first aid kits
    • 300 trestle tables for fuel zones
    • Each station needs 20 pallets

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