Steve Bloom Wildlife Photography

, March 17, 2014

If you’ve passed through Edinburgh over the last year you may have noticed the outdoor photography exhibitions in St. Andrews Square. We got in contact with Steve Bloom, the man behind the lens of last year’s Spirit of the Wild exhibition and a contributor to this year’s exhibition, Into the Deep.

Born and raised in South Africa, Steve came to the UK in 1977 where he co-founded a company that pioneered digital techniques and special effects in visual media. It was in the early nineties that Steve took up the camera in earnest, winning international acclaim for his work and exhibitions. His focus on natural environments has taken him around the world, and he’s brought albums of photos back with him. Here are some of his pointers to think about when you’re out on shoots in the outdoors.

Steve’s Tips

  • Remember that you are a visitor in someone else’s territory, and always be polite and respect them. The more relaxed people and wildlife feel in your company, the better your photography will be.
  • Carry lots of CF or SD cards. They will always fill up faster than you realise.
  • When shooting in cold weather, keep a spare battery close to your body in an inside pocket. Batteries do not last as long in the cold, and must be kept warm.
  • Always feel free to experiment and be unconventional in the way you use the camera and interpret what you see.
  • The best zoom lens is a pair of legs. Try to avoid using the zoom because you are lazy, unless you cannot get closer.
  • Lens flare can ruin a perfectly good image. You never know when sunlight will catch the edge of the lens. Always keep a lens hood on.

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