Stance Endeavor Crew Sock

, June 20, 2017

For runners looking to upgrade their apparel game, there are just fewer things to throw flare at, when compared with the options of other sports. Whereas cyclists have innumerable options for apparel and accessories, runners are more bound by minamalist threads which do more exposing than enclosing.

Fortunately Stance have created a family of socks that wrap a strobe of flash around your ankle, providing timid runners with a garish glow to intimidate competition.

Aside from their looks, a pair of Stance Endeavor Crew socks is engineered with anatomical cushioning to make you really obey those “L” and “R” icons on the forefoot. Adhere to the correct use and you’ll have a versatile sock that’s not “Lite” and thin like some race socks, but substantial enough that you feel comfortable around the entire training and race environment.


I grabbed my first pair in June 2015 and have run over 300km in them since, admittedly at varying speeds with a fleet of shoes. Had I been more diligent and cut the nail of my big toes, I wouldn’t have felt so embarrased that I needed a replacement pair. Nevertheless, a fresh pair solve the problem, while I’ve retired my original pair to situations when I know I won’t be going sockless.

But in this era of excess, it’s at least permissable to own two versions of the Endeavor and align with one of Dumbledore’s more important claims, “One can never have enough socks.”

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