Sprint Workouts on Soccer Fields

, November 5, 2019

The Australian rugby player posted the below on is Instagram earlier in the summer. I found it hard to follow – it formats for rugby pitches. Here is a version if you have a football (soccer) field near you:

Short shuttles: start at goal area. Sprint to end line (goal line), rebounding to the 18 yard line. Eight times, starting every 30 seconds for easy recovery.

Striders: About 70m this time – 18 yard line to to 18 yard line starting every 30 seconds. Set of 6. Then repeat three times.

Medium shuttles: start at 18 yard line, rebound off goal line and back to 18 yard line. Takes 5-7 seconds. Start every 30 seconds and do this 12 times.

New workout – Pyramids = Goal Line > Goal Area > GL > Penalty Box > GL > Halfway Line > GL > as far as you can. 40 seconds total, walking back recovery. Go until you can’t cross the Halfway Line for the second time within the 40-second internal. I managed to get across it five times, falling short on #6. 54-yard half field (paced).