Soreen Malt Loaf

, June 28, 2011

Despite its wide availability in supermarkets across the country, Soreen’s credentials as a high performance sports product shouldn’t be overlooked. Each loaf is packed with carbohdyrate goodness and, with the newly released banana flavour, now offers something new for active lifestyles and serious athletes.

To outline the nutritional benefits of this hearty snack I’ll take the Original loaf which remains the most popular of Soreen’s products. In 100 grams the Original loads 1315 kilojoules and 65.6 grams worth of slow-release carbohydrates. The loaf is low in fat and has a good portion of protein to supplement the carbohydrate representation.

Beyond the Original loaf, Soreen have branched out with various flavours including Cinnamon & Raisin, Fruity Five and the most recent Banana Fruit that provides a lighter-tasting, raisin-free alternative to the Original. Meanwhile Soreen’s GO bars provide a smaller 40g snack that’s packed with similar amounts of carbohydrate nutrition.

Soreen can be found in most supermarkets in the UK at highly competitive prices. Keep an eye out for discounted prices and stock up when you can – these long-life beauties store well. You won’t find a larger loaf for more than £1.29 but you can find it for a fraction of the price if you’re lucky.

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