Smith Transport Ski Helmet

, March 5, 2012

After reviewing Smith’s I/O Goggle, I searched out for another product from the brand’s environmentally friendly Evolve line, selecting the Smith Transport my helmet of choice. During my testings in Colorado at the beginning of the season, I had the unfortunate luck of being able put the helmet in an extreme situation that helped prove the helmet’s sturdy design.

Highly comfortable and fully adjustable, the Transport incorporates a nifty Boa Closure System system that tightens the padding around your head for the perfect fit (when choosing sizes, the website’s measuring and fitting instructions are spot on). Sporting sixteen versatile air vents and an air evac system for climate control, the helmet and I easily adaptable to temperatures in the mountains.

Large, adjustable ear pads insulate well but at the cost of the rider’s hearing, as even chairlift conversations proved slightly muffled. The helmet is compatible with almost all modern helmet accessories, such as Skull Candy audio systems,  and incorporates a static reducing lining, a removable goggle lock, and plenty of sticker potential.

As for actual functionality of this product, I could not speak more highly of the Transport. Overshooting a large jump at the end of December, I soon found the helmet to be the only thing between my head and the icy hard pack snow. After regaining consciousness it became clear that this helmet did exactly what it was designed to do, as I was able to ski away with only a concussion and some lacerations to show. Throughout my fall the helmet remained in position and as durable as promised. Only after the event did it become clear, however, that this product did in fact save my life.

Skiing is an inherently dangerous sport and partaking without a helmet is often a foolish decision. Today, helmets are regarded as an imperative piece of a skier’s gear stockpile. If you are looking for a premium product at a reasonable price, the Smith Transport is able to deliver without slacking on integrated function or style.

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