SealLine Boundary Pack

, July 22, 2011

Sitting alongside a number of prestigious outdoor brands in the Cascade Designs family, SealLine has a lot to stand up to and contend with. The Boundary Pack is SealLine’s go-everywhere-do-everything pack and is designed to be workable for the urban adventure as well on deep canyon expeditions.

The key features of this versatile performance product are numerous. Its roll-top closure system is super-advanced and formulated to protect from rain and quick submersions beneath the water. The body itself is made from 19-ounce scrim-reinforced vinyl while the base is made from extra heavy duty 30-ounce scrim reinforced vinyl. Connected to waterproof and ventilated shoulder straps as well as a waist belt, the pack sits naturally on the shoulders like a normal backpack. The 115L and 70L sizes come with side-clinch buckles whilst the 35L has a top closure buckle.

I tested the 70L on a recent kayaking trip to Norway, putting the product through some rigorous submersions, usually against my will.  The first thing I noticed about the Boundary Pack was the unique quality of the material; The scrim-reinforced vinyl is thicker and stronger than most dry bags, whilst maintaining the flexibility needed to seal the bag. The unique Dry SealTM has easy-to-follow instructions embossed on the product to help you get that water tight seal. Further aiding sealability, the roll-top system features three plastic strips where most roll top dry bags only feature one, ensuring a better and longer lasting seal, especially when wet for sustained periods. Finally, the side-clinch buckles on this pack make closing the bag a little fiddly but provides superior compression and a reassuringly secure seal.

The Boundary Pack also makes a surprisingly comfortable and spacious backpack. The straps are well padded and the addition of a back plate and waist band make it feel less like a dry bag and more like an walking pack. In Norway I used it for carrying and storing both wet and dry gear and I am yet to find a fault in its load-bearing ability.

This pack is a great option for anyone looking to store and transport wet or dry kit in any setting from the river or surf to a backpacking holiday across europe. The Boundary Pack gives you total security that your kit will stay dry whatever the weather.