Salomon SPK Pro Ski Boot

, February 20, 2012

Having spent a considerable number of seasons off-piste and in the park whilst wearing racing boots, my shins were slowly being shot to pieces. Tired of post-ski hobbling, I vowed to invest in a new pair of ski boots this season with a few helpful coins courtesy of the Student Loans Company.

After some online research, I went for the Salomon SPK Pros, a pair of boots that are marketed towards freestyle bandits. As a freestyle boot, the SPK Pro is loaded with cushioning and a good amount of flex in the tongue, features that anyone who is weak of shin will appreciate. There are extra (removable) impact pads below the heel and toe so any big airs will feel buttery soft on landing.


As a balance to these features, note that the SPKs are not so loose that they limit enjoyment out of the park. I predominantly ski groomers and powder runs and only really notice any signs of looseness in the SPK on steep moguls. While a stiffer boot can increase the response of the shell and sole, softness allows for an enjoyable ride whatever the terrain.

The one advantage I concede to snowboarders is the comfort of their boots – the SPKs have gone someway to bridge the gap; you’ll find two oversized buckles on the outside and a lacing system that you just have to pull and lock down (similar to snowboarding style) which means you can have your boots on in no time out of the canteen or off the gondola.

Going further, Salomon haven’t held back on enhancing the aesthetics of this signature boot. A leather covering adds a touch of class to the boot and though I’ve heard that this cover can scuff and delaminate easily, with well over a month of ski days using the boots, mine are in tip-top condition.

Combine performance and aesthetics in a matte black finish and you’ve got the above, ideal for park shots and profile pictures across the board. For added playfulness and versatility in over varied terrain, the SPK Pro is worth looking at.

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Useful Information

  • UK RRP £300 | US RRP $625
  • Flex index: 110
  • Available to the size of UK 2.5/US 10.
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