Richard Mosse captures rainforest destruction in Broken Spectre Show

, December 11, 2022

Broken Spectre is a new film and exhibition from Prix Pictet-winning photographer Richard Mosse. The show depicts the destruction and devastation of the Amazon rainforest, using ultra imaging techniques to renders verdant backdrops and depleted landscapes in brilliant ways.

The 74-minute film, which is moving from 180 Strand, London to the National Gallery of Victoria, features footage of the rainforest and accounts from indigenous communities. The material urges global viewers to see the impending fate of the biome and the impact of inaction in the face of crisis. The title itself refers to the ghostly, ever-present vision of the destruction and a spectrum of colors. The film is scored by Ben Frost, premiering at a critical moment as the rainforest is rapidly approaching a point of no return.

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