Rapha Launch Excess Collection to Utilise Spare Fabrics

, May 3, 2023

Rapha have made inroads into environmental sustainability, publishing a comprehensive 2022 Impact Report and now following this up with their Excess Collection. Their London design team have assembled several core garments using discarded material, with an estimated saving 2303m of excess fabric and 24kg of yarn.

The collection is mirrored by apparel for EF Education-EasyPost who will switch to a 72% recycled Rapha kit for the Giro d’Italia and Giro Donne.

Their outlook is realistic, admitting like Yvon Chouinard in The Responsible Company that manufacturing apparel on a minimum order quantity basis is inherently unsustainable when considering the energy, water and chemical limits of the planet.

The Excess Collection is available in limited quantities and includes men’s and women’s pro team aero jerseys, training jerseys, bib shorts, socks and a musette. Responses on Reddit question the needs or a large recycle arrow, with half of the responses praising the effort.

Learn more about the Excess Collection at Rapha.cc