Rapha Cafe, Tokyo

, March 8, 2017

Wander far enough north of Tokyo’s popular Harijuku district and the crowds start to disappear, just as Rapha’s Tokyo venue and store come into view.

Make no mistake, this setting isn’t surrounded by the kind of heaving busy streets you often see broadcasted from Tokyo. These streets are quiet, curling, and totally rideable. See this snapshot below for instance. It’s always like this.


Though I was primarily passing through Tokyo for Hokkaido and skiing, I couldn’t resist the chance to jump on a Canyon through the Rapha Cycling Club. Ambassador Hiroki hooked me up and we set out with half a dozen other members from the Tokyo chapter, whistling around the Imperial Palace in the dead of night.

For a proper meal before riding, swing one block toward town and find Tas Yard‘s varied menu sourced from Kagoshima prefecture. What a neighborhood.