Rafting the Misstasibi River

, August 10, 2012

Whilst most of Quebec is drying up and crying out for rain the surging, swirling, intimidating waters of the Misstasibi (pronounced: Mister-si-bi) are going strong! I was able to make the 5-hour journey up from Montreal to Qubec Raft in Saint-Stanislas on the shores of Lac St-Jean. What awaited me was two days of fun on the Misstasibi and one of the best rafting and kayaking experiences anywhere. Quebec Raft is the only company rafting the Misstasbi regularly and the only outfitter who takes river boards and safety kayakers. Despite being deep into the heart of Quebec, Wally the owner and head guide speaks perfect english and welcomes english speaking clients such as myself. Although knowing a few french phrases such as “Je voudrais une poutine” might help when trying to find food in the local area.

Included in the Price

If you decide to do a days rafting everything you will need will be provided. This includes a lifejacket, helmet, wetsuit and shoes for the river. Quebec Raft also provide every boat with one of the worlds best guides (very much needed on this river), a safety kayaker and a photo or video presentation of your trip when you get back to base camp.

Useful information

  • Rafting runs from spring all through the summer, with the high waters of spring thrill seekers will have an awesome time!
  • Quebec Raft’s english website is here.
  • Lac St-Jean has lots to offer and other activities for a longer visit can be found through the tourism office.