Profile Design Carbon Stryke Aerobars

, September 18, 2012

If you’re looking to kit your bike out with a temporary pair of aero bars for a triathlon or time trial, the Styke from Profile Design is well worth investing in.

With a very easy set up process, the adjustable clamps allow you to personalize your positioning on the bike in order to maximize comfort. The shape of the bars also add to the comfort, allowing for multiple hand positions as you to change your positions throughout a long ride. I am currently using them for my Ironman training and on a long training rides this proves very beneficial. The elbow pads are spaced slightly more widely apart than your average aero bars improves your stability which over a long distance can be vital in preventing those wobbly moments when your mind begins to drift. The elbow rests are also compatible with flip up ZB arm bracket system allowing for more versatility compared with the provided rigid ZB arm bracket system.

The very stylish carbon look will compliment any road bike. They look very sleek and serious. Unfortunately, this carbon look can be slightly misleading in to thinking the whole component is very light. The bars themselves are very light but Profile has used relatively heavy aluminium clamps to secure them in place, which slightly increases the weight. So at 548 grams these bars are not the lightest on the market. To add to their compatibility with a the more racer type of rider, the full carbon aero extensions allow for internal shift cable routing in order to really get the most out of them in a competitive situation.

As the official aero bar of Ironman, these are a very ‘solid’ buy.

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