Zafiri manages content and services user data using WordPress, an industry-standard set of tools that is widely used across the internet. During your time interacting with Zafiri, certain data may be collected by a plug-in called Restrict Content Pro. Because our revenue model relies on subscriptions only, data remains protected within Zafiri’s systems and is never shared with any third party.

Cookies – these are retained within your browser to allow immediate access to a “logged-in” view. We don’t track your viewing and integrate the data using with your social media accounts (we’re too simple for things like Facebook Pixel). To remove or refresh cookies, delete history in your browsers (be sure to do this on mobile and desktop).

Email addresses – first input into our payments system, Restrict Content Pro, these email addresses are retained. Your email address can be changed at any point, and also serves as your username for login. A text-only “newsletter” digest is sent every other month to your email address to keep you updated with what is going on through the website. View the backlog of historical digests at

Credit cards – paying subscribers will have left their credit card details at the time of subscription, opting into auto-renewal where they want a subsequent payment to be charged automatically. Credit details are stored by Stripe, a credible payment system that rivals PayPal and Apple Pay. You’ll be notified one week before your subscription payment renews – we don’t want you hanging around only because you’ve forgotten about your Zafiri Subscription.

Managing your account – with the exception of cookies, all personal data can be viewed within your account. Here you can change the name attributed to your account, update your password and change your billing details. You can also change your subscription type, switching between Monthly or Annual. We don’t use this information for any gender, ethnic or any other profiling.

Deleting your account – to delete your account, email from your account email (click here to generate cancellation email). Your account will be deleted within 24 hours, and your data will be cancelled. You can resubscribe using the same email whenever you like. Read more about data removal.