Pedla RideCAMO Bib Short & Jersey

, April 26, 2017

Nobody wants to receive premium apparel during a taper, especially when it uncurls from its packaging as a flourishing display of bold colors and impeccable design. When I received my pair of threads ahead of a triathlon in Bavaria last May, the first thing I wanted to do was go on a fast and furious ride. This is the plight of receiving part of Pedla’s RideCAMO range mid-season, and it felt completely valid to have this burning angst as I slogged around the bumpy course in the rain wearing a tri-suit of inferior quality and panache.

Pedla are less known in the world of cycling apparel, part of the reason they’re able to come up with daring designs from their base in Melbourne. With a trained artist behind the designs and a brand guy steering the full experience of company, it’s no surprise that they’ve also maintained a degree of proficiency normally expected of far larger players in cycling. As an example of their attention to detail, my jersey and bib shorts came in wonderful, resealable sacks that I continue to use to store odds and ends (in the past I received socks in a stiff cardboard canister so pristine I found myself looking for things to collect within it).

As for the stash, well, my new strip is no doubt loud, but it comes with a subtle sophistication.

With the Full Gas Aero RideCAMO jersey, a classic cut meets the garish red and black design – the clash of two camps which forms the entry point for this product. It’s a fine contrast, bolstered by plenty of credible performance features.

The Dimple Dry Aero fabric feels brilliant and has retained its elasticity after 30+ machine washes, still reaching beyond the bicep in an attractive extended sleeve. The YKK elite full-length zipper runs the full length of the jersey, while three sturdy pockets hug the rear. For extra reassurance, the Dimple Dry Aero is also classfieid as UV protection up to a factor 50+ (I wasn’t able to put this to the test during a tepid Bavarian summer).

As for the matching Long Haul G2 RideCAMO bib short, also part of the RideCAMO range, the extra long length is maintained, with some subtle details to carry over the signature dotted pattern of the Full Gas Aero jersey. A padded 3D Endurance CYTECH chamois is met by a firm anatomical fit in the compression – expect this sensation to be retained by the panelling throughout a season of riding. The bib loops themselves are wide enough that they don’t leave those horrible marks over the shoulders – nobody likes to feel this slow laceration during a big climb.


Of course the irony of this ensemble from Pelda is that it’s anything but camouflaged. Instead, it is bound to make you the envy of any road gang your find yourself slung into – you have been warned.

AUD $182 for the jersey, $284 for the bib shorts. Available at and in the UK.